Supporting the Men’s Shed Online

I my job in Community Health I have always been a keen supporter of the Men’s Shed concept. Now there is a Men’s Shed Online. Watch the YouTube promo here and then go to their website for a look. One of the most serious issues that faces men is isolation. As blokes, we think we can just go through life on our own without support or help. That can be further from the truth. The Men’s Shed provides a way for men to meet and work on stuff together and along the way, conversations happen.

At Real Men Challenge, we support bring men together. Let me know what you think.

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  1. Gary Baker says:

    Hi Neil,
    This is a great idea to help blokes talk and share. So I had a chat to my son Daniel, and we have decided to contribute to this site, and share some of our experiences of hat goes on with this Christian father and son.
    I have spent 18 years living and training my son, along with my wife, and it has been a great joy. There has been some challenges and I may share some of those as we go along, but today I want to talk about one of the things we get up to.

    Not everyone agrees with owning and shooting guns, but I was brought up on a farm and now live on a farm. Daniel recently got his gun licence and bought a gun. Previous to this time, I had shown him how to use a gun and most importantly how to be safe with a gun. I have always used a shot gun. Our policy is to shoot vermin or to eat. So the other day we went out to shoot hares. These animals run riot on our farm, and eat the young trees we plant. They cause a lot of damage. We walked for a while and then we spotted two hares. I shot one with my old gun but Daniel, although very keen, missed his opportunity.

    I guess the lesson here is that is you look for a opportunity, then when is comes, don’t hesitate for too long, otherwise you will miss it. This could be said about many things in life.

    Watch out for the next note from the Baker Boys.

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