Good Dads

An addendum to my Father’s Day thoughts:

Good Dads are Spiritual Leaders

  • Love their God
  • Love their Church
  • Love the Word of God
  • Love to Pray
  • Love to Worship
  • Love Righteousness
  • Love Holiness

Good Dads are Leaders in their Homes

  • Love their wives
  • Love their kids
  • Love to give

Good Dads are Leaders in their Community

  • Love their work
  • Love justice
  • Love the unlovely
  • Love sinners

Good Dads are Prophetic Leaders

  • Love the Truth
  • Live the Truth
  • Call out evil
  • Call out ungodly philosophies of the world

Good Dads are Leaders in being Healthy

  • Self-Reflective
  • Physically
  • Mentally
  • Spiritually

Each of these points need exploring in depth and self examination. How am I doing in each of these areas of life. I know that in some of these I fall short but being able to be self-reflective and seeing my own shortcomings allows me to try and improve and provide that example to my family and others.

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