Being kind in the time of isolation

There is no doubt that couples forced to live together 24/7 due to Coronavirus “stay at home” orders increases the risk of conflict and violence in the home.

That is why we need to all take an attitude stock take and look at two key words.

Am I being kind?

Am I being tender?

I was reminded about this during the week when I was at work (yes, someone who still had a part time job) and came into a dispute with a work colleague.

The very next day a friend sent me these words about tenderness.

I read these and applied them to myself and when next at work … worked hard to apply these principles. Try these for yourself and see how you go.

  • A gracious touch, a gentle spirit, an expression of kindness; someone who so values the worth of others that they refuse to be mean or spiteful or vengeful.
  • Hearts that refuse to remain hard, unmoved and disengaged; hearts that are full of compassion, kindness, warmth and gentleness.
  • Hearts that guard and nurture new life and new dreams welling up within.
  • Hearts that are receptive to listen, quick to respond,  ready to act, determined to obey.
  • Hearts that attract the presence and power of God and are catalysts for His transforming  grace to work in them and through them. What God can do and reveal through our tender hearts.
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