Shocking murder reminds us that evil exists

The absolute shocking and brutal murder of a woman and her children can only be described as evil.

Domestic Violence in all its forms is an unending problem in our society and education around respect is paramount to try and stop this occurring.

But … education will not remove evil from men’s hearts.

I am a great believer in the transformation that can happen when people encounter Jesus Christ … but I also know that without that transformation, evil will continue to rule the lives of many, many (too many) men (and women).

So how do we respond to evil that cannot or refuse to be changed by education or by heart transformation?

The Apostle Paul wrote about the Government bringing punishment on the wrongdoer.

The failure of the modern legal system to enact appropriate punishment to the evil doers is the issue. Paul writes again about those with “seared consciences” … those who have no concept of guilt, no concept of right or wrong but carry out their acts of evil not caring what happens to them.

At a personal level we need to be able to forgive.

At a Government / Legal level, we expect them to be able to protect the innocent and stop evil doers before they carry out the evil deeds.

This requires laws that imprison those who are at high risk of carrying out their evil  before trial.

This requires the Police to strongly intervene.

This requires courts to imprison them for their crimes.

This requires Parole Boards to demand proof of changed lives before they are ever released back into society.

Evil must be stopped. Evil can only be stopped by a community that says no, enough.


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