The time for excuses is over

The time for excuses is over.

With the news that 6 women have been killed in 5 days, it is time for a nation wide, community led response to family violence. (Refer to the Sydney Morning Herald article)

Men … it is time for you to dig deep and get past your resistance that White Ribbon is an anti-man campaign. It is not, instead we are calling you to dig deep and find the courage and ability to “Stand Up, Speak Out and Act” to prevent men’s violence against women.
Get educated about the issue.
Reflect on your own thinking, your own attitudes, your own upbringing that allows other men to seriously assault and murder their partners.
If you can change, they can change.
Great social change comes when we cry out “Enough is enough”.
Men, that time has come.

Neil Stott
White Ribbon Ambassador
Chair Victorian White Ribbon Committee

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