What is a “Real Man”?

In my job I have been working hard on preventing Family Violence in our community. I am a White Ribbon Ambassador, I am the Chair of the Benalla Family Violence Prevention Network. I speak at numerous events and organisations about the problem of Family Violence.

One of the questions that is at the core of this problem is about Male Values. The perpetrators of Family Violence (mostly men) have a problem with power and control. A problem with violence. The question I often ask is, “What went wrong with these men (young men) when they were being brought up that they act like this?”

Below is a quote from Keith Craft about Values:

Seek to be known more for what you are for, than for what you are against.

Ofttimes in this discussion on Family Violence we talk a lot about what we are against, and this quote made me think about What am I for? 

  • I am for women to be safe from family violence from their partners.
  • I am for young men growing up with values of Love, forgiveness, honesty, integrity, leadership, strength of character and the capacity to work in partnership, collaboration and team with each other and with their future partners/spouses.

But I think our young men growing up need help. They need help working out right from wrong. They need mentors and role models that reflect the good things about being a man.

So what do you think? What are the values and virtues that make up a “Real Man”? I would love to have you all share your thoughts and ideas here and discuss it with your friends, families and workmates and in your communities, sporting clubs, churches and social groups.

What is a “Real Man”?

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