Should boys play with dolls? And other thoughts on raising boys …

White Ribbon DayWhite Ribbon Day posted an interesting discussion with this question.

This was my response, what do you think?

It is too simplistic an argument that somehow gender play will result in violent men? I agree with those who write that kids should be kids. This issue of influence is not about following a “politically correct” pathway thinking this is the silver bullet, it is not. Young boys growing up need to see a male role model that reflects the values we want to see in a man. Unfortunately, modern society presents a very complicated set of choices of what that image should be. What we are actually seeing is gender confusion and what IS a man and their role in life. Boys, becoming young men who are presented with such an array of examples to follow … if we think of those in the entertainment, music, movie, sport area, many of these notable men are actually poor role models for young boys/men growing up. What they need then is someone close to home, a man that reflects positive characteristics and values that make sense to them. Unfortunately, many grow up with the exact opposite, violent, controlling drunk with a poor work ethic and worse attitude. So the challenge is not about dolls, it is about the role models that we as men need to play in the lives of those boys/men growing up around us.

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