The Challenge of Attitude 1: Arrogance

Real Men Challenge is just that … a challenge. The best learned challenges are the hard ones that come out of personal experience. And the lessons for other men are best talked about from personal experience.

So it has been with me … I have learned something about myself in recent times. When tough times come along, that is God’s teacher … as long as we are able ask the question … God what are you trying to teach me?

In my personal experience, a streak of arrogance has now been tempered with a strong dose of humble pie as I faced up to an error that I should have seen but in my arrogance did not see. And in my arrogance, did not ask for the help that was there but of course, like many men, we know what to do and how to do it and don’t like asking for help or advice. Ahh the teachings of tough times.

So what unexpected failure in your life is actually God teaching us a lesson. If you can share your story, write a comment here.

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  1. “The Challenge of Attitude 1: Arrogance | Real
    Men Challenge” was a great blog post. If solely there were a lot
    more personal blogs like this specific one on the actual
    the net. Nonetheless, thank you for your time, Julia

    • Neil Stott says:

      Appreciate your response. Part of the philosophy of the Real Men Challenge is encouraging men to be self reflective and willing to fess upmtomour failures.

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