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Good Dads

An addendum to my Father’s Day thoughts: Good Dads are Spiritual Leaders Love their God Love their Church Love the Word of God Love to Pray Love to Worship Love Righteousness Love Holiness Good Dads are Leaders in their Homes … Continue reading

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What is a “Real Man”?

In my job I have been working hard on preventing Family Violence in our community. I am a White Ribbon Ambassador, I am the Chair of the Benalla Family Violence Prevention Network. I speak at numerous events and organisations about … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Family Violence

I was prompted by a recent discussion on FaceBook to write this response which I am sharing with all my fellow men. I have been looking at the problem of FV for some time as a White Ribbon Ambassador and … Continue reading

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White Ribbon Day – All Men should watch this

All men should watch this very insightful video on Family Violence.

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Should boys play with dolls? And other thoughts on raising boys …

White Ribbon Day posted an interesting discussion with this question. This was my response, what do you think? It is too simplistic an argument that somehow gender play will result in violent men? I agree with those who write that … Continue reading

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