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Be Kind in 2022

The great disease of the modern era is not Trans vs Women debate or Gender Identity crises. The disease that has beset us all is the inability to dialog at all. To debate and argue and agree or disagree. This … Continue reading

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Love Always Protects

The Real Men Challenge manual is focused on the Love Chapter of 1 Corinthians 13 as a template to help men in their relationships and provide insight and guidance for a world where family violence has become an epidemic. “Love… … Continue reading

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Good Dads

An addendum to my Father’s Day thoughts: Good Dads are Spiritual Leaders Love their God Love their Church Love the Word of God Love to Pray Love to Worship Love Righteousness Love Holiness Good Dads are Leaders in their Homes … Continue reading

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The Lost Path of Masculinity

I initially wrote these words while in the United States visiting my family when I went back through my old note books from that time and realised they were as important for now as they were then. It is timely … Continue reading

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Being kind in the time of isolation

There is no doubt that couples forced to live together 24/7 due to Coronavirus “stay at home” orders increases the risk of conflict and violence in the home. That is why we need to all take an attitude stock take … Continue reading

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